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David Dillon

Pinehenge School 1969

the main house

Pinehenge School

Waterford, Maine.


Pinehenge school was a co-educational private boarding school for students 5-18, situated on the former 200 acre farm of Senator Harold S. Pike overlooking Keoka lake in Waterford, Maine.

Pinehengeís community philosophy was inspired by A.S. Neillís Summerhill School in Leiston, England Everyone in the community had an equal vote at general meetings held weekly to determine the direction and educational values of the school in many ways. Academically its philosophy was based on the Leicestershire method of free or open academics used in some 8000 British schools at the time.

Through an environment of love, approval, self discipline and freedom, individuals learned to become doers; be responsible for their individual actions; to be analytical and critical learners; to be able to adapt flexibly and easily to new situations; to discover themselves and be able to pursue their own goals for their own sake and not for the approval of others; and lastly and most importantly, to become emotionally free and happy.

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Attention: While most of us have extremely strong memories of our times at Pinehenge, this site has been created for the alumni to have contact with each other through the site and to obtain information about reunions, past and future. Photographs are a major part of this web site, if anyone has pictures of students, staff or the property of Pinehenge, please contact Dave at either of the mailto addresses above.

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Acknowledgements: I'd like to thank Theresa Lynch Hunt, Bonnie Schiffer, Michael Murdock and Ken Perry for all the photos they have contributed. They've made it possible for us to create the 1968-1973 pages. Thanks to all of you from all of us!!

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